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Often our ancestors are hazy and obscured and hard to see.  We are always looking for new ways to see them better.


The Holly DNA Project, started January 2006, provides an opportunity for Holly family members to collect and share DNA testing results, in order to learn more about our ancestral lines.  DNA data adds an exciting dimension to genealogical research material.  When used in conjunction with traditional family history research, it can help us eliminate certain lines of research and focus on others.  The potential of DNA data in genealogical research is in the early stages and changing yearly.  We are lucky to be researching at this time when technology is expanding our options in so many ways.

Our project is set up at Family Tree DNA, one of the major U.S. DNA genealogical testing companies, with many surname DNA projects.  To join the project or find out more about the company and the process, go to

Holly DNA Project at

Y-Results are available at the link above, showing the markers of the current participants. 

For a spreadsheet showing differing markers for the group of Stamford, CT, Holly descendants, click here.

Family Tree DNA has many pages providing excellent information on DNA testing. 

The testing is a simple and painless cheek swab done with the test kit mailed to your home.  If you plan to join the project, I highly recommend the 37 marker test, or at the very least the 25 marker test.

In 2006, the efforts of the Holly DNA Project will focus on recruiting participants for the project.  The initial motivation was provided by one particular branch of Holly descendants desiring to confirm or disprove descent from John Holly, 1618 - 1681, who was born in England and was one of the founders of Stamford, Connecticut.  In addition to English Holly's, there are German, Slavic, Irish, African-American, and Welsh Holly's, and maybe others.   There also may be some cross-over between Holly and Hawley lines for some people, and we welcome Hawleys who may descend from Holly lines.  There is also a  Hawley DNA project.  

Y-results are available

I will pay for the test for a Holly with a documented line to the Holly's who lived at Hunting Ridge, Stamford, CT, in the 1800's, or a documented descendant of Elisha Holly, Jr. of Stamford, CT. If interested, please contact me.

To learn more about genetic testing for family history research, check out some of the following links:

For some examples of what can be done with DNA studies, see these family sites (and there are hundreds more if you Google DNA Projects):

If you have feedback or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I am not an expert in genealogy, DNA testing, or websites, so I am open to your suggestions.  Holly Kilpatrick   (Descendant of David Holly, c. 1790 - 2 Jan 1866, Darien, CT) 

(Daguerreotype of William Henry Holly, 1812-1892, and his daughter, Greenwich, Connecticut)

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